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Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 - 1900) - marine painter, honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

Member of the Roman Academy of St. Luke, Florence, Amsterdam and Stuttgart academies of arts, painter of the Naval Headquarters.

The author of seascapes, views of coastal cities, paintings dedicated to the history of the fleet, battle scenes.

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In his youth, he was fond of painting and was educated at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Subsequently, he traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, where he became acquainted with various cultures and traditions.

He painted about 6000 paintings. Aivazovsky said that out of a thousand and six paintings painted by him, 4000 were besieged by hurricanes, shipwrecks, storms at sea. But with the same perfection, the painter painted the calm, radiant radiance of the sea. He loved it in the midday hour, bathed in the bright rays of the high sun. The sea is like a huge mirror, the quality of the sun's brilliance, dissolving and barely noticeable, like a mirage, light clouds, distant mountains.

In the paintings of Aivazovsky, sincere excitement, admiration for the grandeur and beauty of nature are noted. This happens to the viewer and the uprising in him, the same emotions that were captured by the artist in the process of creation. Aivazovsky's paintings contain energy and vivacity, they are optimistic at their core.

The artist depicts nature in constant motion, uninterrupted variability, in the clash of its forces. Born in Feodosia and lived most of his life on the coast, the painter was extremely fond of the sea, which made him the main character of his work. And, as they say, it proved its ancient glory. Aivazovsky is observed among the images of all the marine painters of the times.

Ivan Aivazovsky was famous and in demand not only during his lifetime. Today, the artist's paintings are constantly sold at various auctions. For example, in 2008, two canvases by Aivazovsky, Food Distribution and Aid Ship, were sold at Sotheby's auction. The canvases are dedicated to US assistance to Russia in the 90s of the XIX century and were donated by the author to the Corcoran Gallery in Washington.

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