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Couple Royal Portraits(Canvas, Digital)

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We learned many different love stories while making our couple portraits We want to share one of them with you. It's heroes gave us their permission, but we changed their names.
Nancy and Andrew commissioned a portrait from us for their tenth wedding anniversary. This couple has come a long way together. They met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and both suffered from severe addiction. Nancy was 5 months pregnant from her deceased husband.
They have been married for two years and have just received the long-awaited news - Nancy was expecting a baby. The couple were incredibly happy, because they really wanted a child. In the first month of Nancy's pregnancy, the child's gender was not yet known, but the future parents wanted to do something for it. They ordered a cradle from the master. Nancy's husband died in a car accident while on his way to pick up the cradle.
Nancy could hardly resist suicide, so strong was her grief. She began to drown it in alcohol, despite the life developing in her belly. For the sake of her child, she decided to overcome addiction.
Andrew just got out of jail after spending six months for a petty offense. He had a drinking problem that made him drop out of college, unable to stay long at any job, and end up in a jail. According to Andrew himself, he was a weak-willed coward and a loser. He knew it was time for a change when he overheard a conversation between his mother and a friend on a crowded bus. When this woman asked about Andrew, his mother replied that he was dead.
Nancy and Andrew fell in love by the third time they met. Both of them were unfortunate semblances of a person, but they were able to discern in each other a kindred spirit and a warm heart. Young people have become a motivation for each other. Nancy made the decision not to drink, smoke or take other addictive substances in any way for the sake of the health of her unborn daughter.
Andrew decided to support her and completely abandoned bad habits "to keep the lady company." Lovers talked every day and shared their progress. They were ashamed to return to the old way of life. Andrew decided to marry Nancy at all costs and raise her daughter as his own. He even came up with a name for her - Faith.
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He got a job and this time he stayed there for a long time. The employer was pleased with him. Andrew's parents were delighted with the changes in their son's life. They received Nancy with joy.
When she was eight months pregnant, the young people arranged a quiet and modest wedding, which was celebrated with their parents and a couple of friends from the program. The first time after the birth of their daughter, they lived with Andrew's parents. A year later, they decided that Nancy would go to work, as her profession brought more money, and Andrew would devote himself to caring for the baby.
At this time, he also got back to college and set about mastering the profession with all responsibility. He successfully balanced fatherhood, housekeeping, cooking and studying. When Faith went to kindergarten, her father successfully passed the exams and went on a scholarship to the university.
Now Andrew is a PhD and researcher, and Nancy is a successful programmer. They bought their own house and a new, more comfortable and beautiful house for their parents, who were able to retire. Faith is a very cheerful and smart girl. She is no longer alone - now she has two siblings.
We were delighted with the inner strength and hard work of this couple. We wanted to convey this feeling by creating their royal portrait . On it, a proud and stately man and woman in crowns look at the world with calmness, confidence and warmth.

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