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Children portraits We have been creating digital children's portraits for many months, and during this time we have heard many touching and funny stories from our customers. Children's portraits are always attempts to capture the growth and development of the child, to preserve the memory of happy moments spent together.
As a rule, such portraits are ordered by the parents of the baby or their grandparents, but if the child already knows how to speak, we try to take their wishes into account – after all, this is their portrait!
Some children make rather unusual demands. For example, little Bella, who was only three years old, asked us to draw her dog – an old Shar Pei named Bubbles. Bella also decided that since she is a little girl, Bubbles should not be depicted in his current form, but as at the time when he was a puppy.
Let's be honest – our artists had to work hard on this portrait. However, Bella, her parents and even the phlegmatic Bubbles were pleased with the result.

Little Andrew, who was 5, loved dinosaurs and mac'n'cheese. His favorite toy, a huge plush triceratops, was called Toothy Peg. Andrew's demand was categorical: we had to draw him and Toothy Peg at the table, eating mac'n'cheese. He also wanted to wear matching outfits with Toothy Peg. The task was not easy, but thanks to the perseverance and diligence of our artists, we coped with it in the best possible way. Andrew was happy. Toothy Peg, perhaps, too.
Caroline, like any child, loved her parents very much, and also her father's old cap, which she carried with her everywhere. Sometimes children have such a funny strong fixation on certain objects. They never get tired of playing with them, and they also cry when they are away from such a “pet”. This was exactly Caroline's case. And of course, she demanded that we draw her with her father's cap. It also had to be no smaller than Caroline herself. We got out of the situation in a very original way – our artist painted her sitting in a huge daddy's cap. This work was liked by both the girl's parents and herself.
And many kids want to feel like a superhero, knight, witch, prince or princess. For the latter, we have Children Royal Portraits.

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