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A portrait is a wonderful gift that women especially appreciate. Female digital portraits are one of the most popular categories on our website. Only female royal portraits are commissioned even more. However, you are mistaken if you think that they are ordered only by men who want to please their beloved lady. During the work of our site, we have learned a lot of different stories about friendship, love, parental care, help and gratitude.
Vicky commissioned a portrait of her stepmother Angelina for her sixtieth birthday. She told us the touching story of their strong bond. When Vicki was 12, her biological mother divorced her father and married another man. Vicki stayed with her dad. She saw her mom, but much less often, because she had twin boys in a new marriage. At this time, Vika's father met a new woman, Angelina, and soon married her.
Vicki says: "At first I was afraid of Angelina. In our culture, most stories about stepmoms are pretty negative. The stepmother is always evil in fairy tales and on TV. But not Angelina! Now I am ashamed of my fear, because she turned out to be wonderful".
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Angelina treated Vicki like her own daughter. She supported her love of sports and took her to another city every day to train with a good coach, cooked her her favorite dishes, taught her how to apply makeup and take care of herself. At her graduation from high school, her stepmother made her the dress of her dreams. When Vicki entered the university, Angelina helped her a lot financially.
Vicki recalls: “She always treated me very well and was like a real mother to me. To this day, we are very close. I know that I can always trust Angelina and she will always support me. Once I asked her why she and dad did not have children of their own. She replied that they already have a child, and that's me. I'm grateful to my mom who stepped up and I want her to know how much I love her." We can also offer you a female royal portraits(portrait in historical costume) or Custom Portraits - Watercolor .

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