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Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was an Austrian artist and one of the most prominent representatives of Viennese Art Nouveau.

Gustav Klimt is known for his original and decorative pieces, which often included elements of gold leaf gilding and pictorial designs.

Exciting, sensual, innovative - these epithets accurately describe the paintings of Gustav Klimt.

Fame and recognition of Gustav Klimt brought paintings written by him in the so-called "golden period". This name appeared due to the artist's predilection for presenting real gold leaf, valuable materials and the predominance of color in this work.

For the first time he came across gold in the workshop of his father, a jeweler, then he worked with him at the school, until he began to use paintings as a possibility.

The works of his "golden period" literally glow from within and are comparable to icons in terms of their impact on the viewer. The space flooded with light plunges into the sensual world of female formations.

Portraits, landscapes, decorative compositions and images of decorative nature carried out a revolutionary revolution in Viennese painting.

The work of this artist has a huge impact even after centuries. The works of Gustav Klimt, their reproductions and fragments are often used in contemporary objects of culture and art.

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