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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919) was a leading French painter in the development of the Impressionist style, known for his vivid and cheerful paintings.

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In 1874 in Paris several radical artists, tired of the conservative ruling circles of the French art world, exhibited their work at an independent exhibition of the Impressionists. This event opened a new era in painting. Auguste Renoir, the master of secular portrait, presented his paintings together with painters Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. The variety of genres in the paintings of the artist surprises.

These are portraits, landscapes, still lives, nudes and domestic scenes. It's hard to give preference to anything.

For Renoir, they are all links in the same chain, the personification of a living and quivering life. Renoir is primarily interested in the individuality of a person - in their unity with nature, in live communication with other people, in random life situations. He is attracted by the festive side of city life - balls, dances, walks with their dynamics and diversity of characters, scenes of serene relaxation. Despite the fact that the artist tries to capture a moment on canvas, his compositions are balanced and thoughtful. The female images of Renoir, different in their internal characteristics, are very similar in appearance, as if they belong to the same type - almond-shaped eyes, round faces, smooth silhouettes.

For 60 years of his creative life, Pierre-Auguste Renoir created about six thousand paintings, while his works are unmistakably recognizable by the feeling of happiness and harmony emanating from them.

In the 80s, Renoir's paintings were in great demand. Pierre wrote his works for financiers and wealthy shopkeepers.

His canvases were exhibited in London, Brussels, as well as at the 7th International Exhibition in Paris.

Today, the canvases of Pierre-Auguste Renoir adorn many galleries in Europe.

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