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Male Royal Portraits(Canvas, Digital)

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Give him a wonderful gift - our royal male portrait! Male portraits contain no less emotions than all the rest. The stories that customers tell us often make us cry and smile at the same time. We got our clients' permission to tell you some of them.
Margaret told us the story of her brother, for whom her family commissioned a royal portrait. When Irwin was 14, their father died of cancer. The young man experienced this event very painfully, like the rest of the family, but he was even less fortunate. At 15, he was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis later turned out to be erroneous, but this traumatized the boy a lot. His mental health deteriorated, he developed severe depression and he no longer had the strength to study and play sports. His condition improved when he was prescribed antidepressants and he was able to return to school.
However, there he fell into bad company and began to drink alcohol, attending parties. At 17, he became a teenage father with an alcohol addiction. However, the guy decided to change his life for the sake of his girlfriend Heidi, whom he intended to marry, and for the sake of their newborn daughter, Anika. And he did it! Margaret, her husband Nick, Heidi and Anika commissioned a portrait from us for Irwin's 40th birthday. At this point, he got rid of his addiction and became a well-known hairstylist in his city with a network of his own salons.
He is a responsible and caring father for Anika, a gentle and protective husband for Heidi, a good and supportive brother for Margaret. All these women say that his royal portrait should symbolize the strength and power of Irwin over himself, with the help of which he changed his life.
Another story was told to us by Tatyana, a Ukrainian immigrant living in the Czech Republic. She thought of giving a male portrait or an unusual royal portrait for the 70th birthday of her high school mathematics teacher Aaron Yakovlevich. Tatyana and her husband, Pavlo, went to school in Ukraine in the 90s. This was a very difficult period for all post-Soviet countries. After the collapse of the USSR there were hunger, unemployment and banditry. In this situation, the youth felt hopeless and lost. The world that their parents knew was breaking up before their eyes. Every day brought new problems and unpleasant surprises.
The future of schoolchildren was uncertain. Tatyana and Pavlo say that Aaron Yakovlevich was the only ray of light and an outlet for the students of their small school. He kept them from being sad, skipping classes, and hanging out with bad company.
Tatyana says: “It was a hopeless time, we didn’t even know if we would have food tomorrow. But Aaron Yakovlevich made us forget about it and believe that the future of outstanding mathematicians awaits us. He prepared us at the level necessary for applicants to the most prestigious universities in the world.” Every day, schoolchildren studied mathematics at an advanced level. If they wanted to, they stayed at school after the lessons, and on weekends they came to the teacher's house, where he and his wife, Dina Samuilovna, conducted classes for everyone.
A lot of students came to their home, because there were simply no other entertainment and educational activities for children and youth in their town. Tatyana and Pavlo went to study at the most prestigious Ukrainian university in Kyiv, then they won scholarships at a US university and continued their education there.
Then they got a job as programmers, traveled a lot around Europe and settled in the Czech Republic, where they founded their own company. They say that they owe all their success, opportunities and wealth to the school teacher who gave them an excellent education.
Until now, they kept in touch with him, and when the war broke out in Ukraine, they helped Aaron and Dina with their grandchildren (their father and mother stayed to defend their homeland in the army) move to the Czech Republic. They plan to celebrate the upcoming anniversary together, like a big family.

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